Promote the intelligent upgrading of mechanical equipment, plastic building materials industry should follow the trend

2021-06-23  452

When it comes to plastics, we are sure that we are familiar with the products and packaging made of plastic as materials, which have been filled in every corner of our lives. Plastic bags, plastic buckets, plastic boxes and other products are everywhere in daily life, which on the one hand facilitate our lives, on the other hand, they also bring serious pollution to the environment.

In recent years, with the pollution problem gradually covering economic benefits, many industries have begun to reduce the use of plastic materials, but for the building materials industry, plastic building materials are rising like a star. With the solution of related technologies, plastic building materials have been successfully applied in various buildings.

However, because the problems of long-term accumulation of the plastic industry in China have not been solved, the application of plastics as building materials is obviously behind the foreign countries. In order to enhance the international competitiveness, Chinese enterprises need to optimize the traditional production process and improve the quality rate of products. To achieve these, we must promote the intelligent upgrading of plastic building materials equipment.

Plastic building materials are becoming more and more popular

The idea of plastic as building materials has existed decades ago. Only limited by the technical, technological and equipment conditions at that time, plastic building materials are not warm and hot. In recent 40 years, with the development of science and technology and the progress of technology, foreign countries have taken the lead in overcoming the problems of raw material formulation, door and window design, extrusion molding, hardware accessories and assembly technology, which makes plastic building materials start to heat up gradually.

At present, plastic building materials, as a new industry in the national economic development, has become the fourth major building materials after steel, wood and cement. It is understood that most countries in Europe are made of plastic doors and windows, which accounts for 50% of the market of all doors and windows. Meanwhile, the construction pipes made of plastic are also growing at a double-digit rate every year, with the growth rate almost twice that of other building pipes.

Compared with traditional building materials, the application of plastic building materials has good economic and social benefits. It can not only replace traditional building materials such as metal and wood, but also have many unique properties better than traditional building materials, which have significant functions in energy saving, environmental protection, improving living and building functions.

The strong energy-saving effect of plastic building materials just meets the relevant implementation rules of China's building energy-saving design standards. Therefore, with the positive promotion of economic and administrative measures in China, energy-saving buildings are becoming more and more popular, and plastic building materials have become one of the first choice materials for Chinese buildings.

Domestic industry situation is severe

Although plastic building materials show the hot and hot development state, good application effect and broad future prospects, the development of China's industry is not optimistic. At present, the traditional manufacturing enterprises are the main enterprises in our country, and the backward production, technology, technology and products restrict the application and development of plastics as building materials.

At present, most of the domestic plastic products are middle and low-end products, 80% to 90% of the high-end plastic products come from abroad, and the production of Chinese enterprises is very limited. This is mainly because the enterprise technology R & D capacity is relatively weak, the production equipment level is low, the intelligent production level is not enough, resulting in the product quality instability, high-end products can not be produced, only foreign advanced automation equipment can be introduced.

This also leads to the increase of the cost of enterprises, further weakening of their own competitiveness. In the market, they should not only be squeezed by foreign brand enterprises, but also be subjected to vicious competition of domestic small enterprises, which makes enterprises face survival problems, but also make the industry suffer a major blow.

Therefore, facing the fierce market competition and severe enterprise development situation, the development of plastic building materials industry in China urgently needs to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. Only by optimizing the production and manufacturing process, improving the product quality and enhancing the market competitiveness can we narrow the gap and gap between Chinese enterprises and the international giant.

Equipment upgrading promotes development

So, how can we improve the intelligent level of the plastic building materials industry in China? As we all know, the manufacturing industry is based on equipment, and plastic building materials machinery is undoubtedly the prerequisite for the transformation and upgrading of the plastic building materials industry. As long as the technical upgrading, component breakthrough and process improvement of the equipment are promoted, the production, manufacturing and innovation ability of the plastic building materials industry can be improved.

The development of automatic and intelligent plastic building materials machinery products will help to improve the production functions of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption of plastic building materials machinery, optimize production process, save production cost, reduce production consumption, effectively improve production safety and product quality control system, and provide basic guarantee for the realization of unmanned workshop and unmanned factory.

In the future, after introducing intelligent equipment into the production of plastic building materials, it can not only realize the efficient manufacturing of enterprises, but also promote the sustainable development of the plastic building materials industry. The advantages and functions of this kind will promote people to increase the R & D and manufacturing of plastic building materials machinery and strengthen the integration of various new intelligent technologies.

In a word, it is the trend to promote the development of traditional machinery and equipment towards intelligent direction, and the plastic building materials machinery industry should follow the trend!